Black Knight – Milena


  • TITLE: Black Knight – Milena
  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
  • DEVELOPER: Capsule Core
  • PUBLISHER: Capsule Core
  • RELEASE DATE: 10 Oct, 2020


The Black Knight – Milena is a classic Fantasy Action-RPG where you’ll be playing as Milena, a rookie Black Knight blessed with gift, but also cursed with hubris.

If only she was more experienced, she would’ve succeeded her mission! (Even if she took it without permission.) But she didn’t, so she’s stuck training herself with her master, Celia, to become a better Black Knight.

– A classic Action-RPG system that is easy to pick up, but fun and smooth to play with diverse range of enemies
– Upgradable character! As a Black Knight, choose whether to master might or magic!
– Many equipment to choose from. Mix and match them for your character build.
– Anime-esque story with beautiful character CG during dialogues.



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