Download MEGA with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

MEGA is a website, where you can upload and download FREE. But for Guest users (not registered) or registered users, the download is always limited bandwidth. So I will guide you how to download from MEGA without bandwidth limitation, and especially using Internet Download Manager software (software that helps increase download speed). This is a new tutorial, using the official MEGASync software from MEGA. Do not use the third software, you can completely trust and follow!

For this tutorial, you need a MEGA account, go to and register now. It’s easy, just fill out the form and confirm the email sent. It takes you less than 5 minutes ^^

And now, let’s start!

Step 1: Download MEGASync and Internet Download Manager (IDM). I will not guide how to download them here, because it is easy for you to do it. And IDM software requires a license to use.

Step 2: Run MEGASync and login.

Step 3: In MEGASync dashboard, click right corner icon and then click “Stream”.

Step 3: A window appears, here you click “Public Link” and then paste your MEGA link you want download (only one link).

Click “OK” to finsish!

Step 4: Now you can see file name, click right icon.

Step 5: Open IDM and click “Add URL”.

Step 6: Paste url you get from Step 4 to window.

Then click OK and Start Download!

Yeah, max speed and happi <3


There are many tutorials with “MegaDownloader” on the internet, but I think this is an unofficial third software. You do not follow the instructions given with this software!