Indonesia Payment

Indonesia Payment

We have started using as a payment method for people from Indonesia. This platform supports most of the popular payment methods in Indonesia including bank accounts, e-wallets, VISA… If you are from Indonesia, we would appreciate it if you could spare a little money to help us maintain the website and pay for other services.

Login page: Since Trakteer does not yet support automatic API, we need to create a manual account on the website when you successfully pay on Trakteer. Account creation takes about 2 – 12 hours (usually sooner). Regularly check your email (used to sign up for Trakteer) for a link to set up a password. The email has the following content:

Indonesia Payment

Login information:

Username: Trakteer email
Password: set by the step above

69.000RP (30 units)/month

We only accept full payment of 30 units (69.000rp) to set up premium member account. If you pay less, your money will be considered a donation and we are grateful to you for this.

If you want to pay for 2 months or more, multiply the number of months you want by 30 units to get the amount you need to pay.

1 month = 30 (units) = 69.000rp
2 month = 2 * 30 (units) = 60 (units) = 138.000rp
3 month = 3 * 30 (units) = 90 (units) = 207.000rp

RAR Password:
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