Karma Knight


  • TITLE: Karma Knight
  • GENRE: Action, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: UltramarineSoft
  • PUBLISHER: UltramarineSoft
  • RELEASE DATE: 20 May, 2020


“Karma knight” is Not a Rogue-like game, is a oldschool vibe’s 2d platform action game!

if you are interested in 2d platform action game, this is for you.
if you like to challenge, and stylish action, then this game is perfect for you!
“Karma Knight” is a 2D platform action game based on the concept of speed and stylish action.

Find hidden items in the stages, collect different spells, defeat the enemies
as you gain more experience and enjoy the overall platform action game style.

enjoy the various platforming action

you can attack enermy in air through MarkAttack

various Magic spell and Spell Rune system

enjoy the various event and Story



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