• TITLE: KnotBot
  • GENRE: Indie, Simulation
  • DEVELOPER: BeetBomb
  • PUBLISHER: BeetBomb
  • RELEASE DATE: 8 May, 2020


Program your little KnotBot to solve unique handcrafted levels in a fun and accessible way, whether you’re a complete beginner or a programming expert~
Solve the levels however you want, or go for the challenge to collect all the Golden Socks!

Solve Coding problems with knots and yarn-balls instead of text and numbers Everyone can understand it, even if you have no coding knowledge!
Play through different areas, each with a unique mechanic to experiment with.
Each area contains a series of handcrafted puzzles with cute aesthetic graphics and a relaxing soundtrack.

An extra challenge for more experienced players:
Get a rising challenge of difficulty on the final puzzles.
Solve the puzzles under a certain amount of moves and collect all the Golden Socks!



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