Poco In Dungeon

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  • TITLE: Poco In Dungeon
  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Sonic-Alpha
  • FRANCHISE: Easy to enjoy
  • RELEASE DATE: 21 Dec, 2020


Let’s get Poco-chan out of the fortress!
​This game is a TPS game. ​
Use the actions of shooting, flying, swimming, and catch & down to get Poco-chan out of the fortress of the fantasy world.​

About ​Centurion Fortress

​Centurion Fortress is the stronghold of robbers in the Kingdom of Highland.
​Poco needs to escape this fortress full of thieves.

Game Features

​Level system: You get experience when you defeat the enemy.
​Fly: You can even jump over the enemy to the exit.
​Pocolver: A revolver that can load six bullets.
​Recovery Magic: Press the 1 key to use the recovery magic.
Inventry, Quests, and Save/Load function.
​Poco Hats: Hats Poco can put on.
​Bullets can be used indefinitely.
​The enemy’s AI is self-made.

​Poco House

​You can get money by completing the dungeon level.
​You can buy furnitures from the merchant in Poco House.


​You need to get a key for each Level.
​You can’t attack while flying.
​There are some keys you can’t get without flying or swimming.
To fish, press and hold the F key at the fishing point.


Move: W, A, S, D
Mouse wheel: Zooming in and out.
​Jump: Spacebar
​Run: Shift key
​Crouch: Left control key
​Catch & Down (take-down)(Only when armed): Hold down F key behind the enemy.EXP cannot be obtained.
When the enemy unit sees POCO or is on alert, it will not be executed.

​Fly: Hold down the space bar
​Ascend: Hold down Right mouse button
​Descend: Hold down Left mouse button

​Equip with a weapon: E key
​Weapon targeting: Hold down Right Mouse button
​Attack with a weapon: Left Mouse Click

​Use recovery magic: Number 1 key
​Recover MP by consuming stamina: Hold down the shift key
Pause (Map, Character information, Inventory, and Quests): ESC key
Settings: Tab key

Melee Combat Mode: C key
Poco Punch: Right mouse button ( 0 damage )


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