Room Girl BetterRepack R1.2

Room Girl BetterRepack

RoomGirl BetterRepack R1.1 Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. Room Girl (ROOMガール in Japanese) is an upcoming h-game by Illusion with a planned release date of September 30, 2022.

  • Name: ROOMガール / RoomGirl
  • Developer: Illusion (Website)
  • Release Date: 30 Sep, 2022
  • BetterRepack by: ScrewThisNoise (Patreon)
  • Better Repack publisher: Otomi Games
  • Better Repack version: R1.2 (8 Oct, 2022)
  • Added BepInEx ConfigManager
  • Added SpockBauru’s EnableFullScreenToggleIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s EnableResizeIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s GraphicsSettingsIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s MessageCenterIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s MuteInBackgroundIL2CPP v0.7
  • Updated BepInEx UnityIL2CPP to v6.0.0-pre.1
  • Applied official update (roomgirl02plus)
  • Applied all 3 preorder bonuses (roomgirldlsouki)
  • Applied better EN translations (Images still not translated)
  • Applied better CN translations by haro (Images still not translated)
  • Applied official update (roomgirl_02_plus1007p2ide_sub)
  • Applied AIS Preorder (aigirl_sexy_souki)
  • Applied AIS Preorder (aisyoujyo_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 Preorder (honey2_souki)
  • Applied HS2 Preorder (honey2_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 DX Preorder (honey2dx_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 DX Preorder (honey2dx_souki)
  • Applied Paid DLC (ai_syoujyo_miko) (Shrine Maiden)
  • Applied Paid DLC (ai_syoujyo_sb) (Succubus)
  • Applied Paid DLC (dlc_bondage) (Bondage)
  • Applied Uncensor v1.1 (Mesh by FutaBuy for HS2, ported to RG by Cur144)
  • Added enimaroah’s SB3U v22.3.4 (**)
  • Added KKY’s Maker Screenshot Plugin v1.0.0
  • Added [Hardmod][Cur144-taroukawai] SailorLong (x)
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.3.1 (making chinese font selection more flexible)
  • Removed [Hardmod][Xynth24] Kula Face Type (Doesn’t work in full game) (x)

Official Release by Otomi Games

Latest Version R1.2, use “Update”.

Version R1 (Repack Only – 3 Parts)

MEGA – MegaUpPixeldrainUploadHubTeraBox
DooDrive: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Anonfiles: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Windows 10/11 64-bit*Windows 10/11 64-bit*
Intel Core i3 8100 or aboveIntel Core i7 8700 or above
8 GB16 GB
30 GB30 GB
DirectX 11DirectX 11
GTX 1060 3GBGTX 1060 6GB
Mouse With Scroll Whell and Display with resolution 1280×720Mouse With Scroll Whell and Display with resolution 1280×720
RAR Password:
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