The Orchard of Stray Sheep


Title: Mayoi Hitsuji no Kajuen
Original title: マヨイヒツジの果樹園
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Year: Japan 2014-10-07, English Version 2016-06-20
Developer: Namaage
Publishers: Sekai Project
Language: English, Japanese
Voice: Not voiced


A small, garden-like Academy stands alone on a secluded island.
Ichirou Yamada has been transferred there to work as a teacher.
He is put in charge of Casserole, a beautiful, young girl who entered the school at the same time.

A little Eden.
The days roll by at the Academy.
Days that are boring but full of happiness.
However, things are not what they seem at this “academy”…

Has Ichiro finally found the peaceful days he’s always longed for, as well as that someone he wants to protect?
He is still trying to overcome the loss and regret of his past amidst the warmth and tranquility of these days.

“Stray Sheep.”

All the while trapped by the words of the girl he lost so long ago.


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