• TITLE: TinyCrack
  • GENRE: Action, Indie, RPG
  • DEVELOPER: TeamTinyCrack
  • PUBLISHER: TeamTinyCrack
  • RELEASE DATE: 15 Sep, 2020



The development of civilization accelerated with the discovery of Astra metal, but the light emitted from the mysterious ruins led mankind to the destruction.The Human Alliance succeeded in sealing the ruins, and the world seemed to slowly become stabilized. But…

Features of the game

In a world of confusion, you start the game by selecting one of the two characters, Kassel and Aska.

Use each character’s skill and switch characters in time in order to break through the stage.

Within the set time, you must deal with all enemies in the block. Don’t be vigilant. It can be difficult to handle.

Organize a team and set potions.

Get additional companions and upgrade them during the battle process.


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