Tower of the Approval


  • TITLE: Tower of the Approval
  • GENRE: Action, Casual, Indie
  • PUBLISHER: AnelaGamesStudio
  • RELEASE DATE: 12 Mar, 2020


New feeling! Roguelike action!

Do you know such a story? ?
When you reach the top floor, you will be recognized as a single person Applivar
A story about a craftsman who starts to yearn for such a tower and aims for the top floor.

The mysterious dungeon changes its shape every time you enter the adventure

Go deeper and aim for the deepest part.
In the dungeon, it will automatically attack if there is an enemy in the attack area.
More than 50 items in total!
Complete the dungeon with various craftsmen using various items.

There are a total of five craftsmen who fled.

A warrior who can beat anybody with physical strength
Power is a gardener
Necromancer to escape and kill
Astronomers see through everything with the power of stars
Item Junkie Blacksmith
Aim for the top floor of Applivar with 5 craftsmen.

The best graphics in AECRNIA history
And enjoy it with cool sounds.
More than 50 types of items and more than 80 types of stages!
Difficulty is the highest difficulty in AECRNIA history!

Action game beginners can easily and fun to play!

・ Even if it is done, the items brought in will not be lost!

-Operate only left stick, right stick and R button!

・ I get better when I practice!



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