Wrecked Destruction Simulator


  • Title: Wrecked Destruction Simulator
  • Genre: Racing, Simulation
  • Developer: TAS Systems
  • Publisher: TAS Systems
  • Release Date: 17 May, 2019


Want to see Grandma get hit by a Semi Truck? Make it happen
Want to see an old man walk into an exploding napalm canister? Make it happen
Want to see an F1 car slam through a cow and ploy through a TV? Make it happen

While in Early Access, the game will be updated largely based on the community.
Please post all of your wishlist items in the forum.
Game updates will be released daily Monday through Friday!

Build! Create! Let your imagination run wild!
Wrecked Destruction Simulator is the ultimate sandbox game.

The possibilities are endless!

Create ultimate mayhem in your Wrecked playground.
You have access to over 50 items including vehicles, people, props, and more!

Controls are simple.
Use the mouse and keyboard to select and place your items.
Adjust the position, angle, and speed.
When you’re satisfied with your creation, hit the “run simulator” button and watch the mayhem ensue.

There are an unlimited number of possibilities.
Watch as cars crumple, people fly, and parts tear across the asphalt.



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