Arche and the Demonic Sword’s Shrine


  • Release Date: 2020-09-02
  • Developer: hanamigasaku
  • Censored: Yes
  • Version: 1.01
  • Language: English


Arche is a kind and earnest girl, someone perfectly suited to be a heroine.
In order to acquire a magical sword capable of helping her defeat the demon lord,
she steps foot inside a once sealed shrine.
However, to acquire the blade, she first needs to overcome trials to prove her worth.

Arche and the Demonic Sword's Shrine [English ver.] [hanamigasaku]

Diabolical ero traps, and horny monsters await her.
Can Arche overcome these trials, and acquire the magic blade…!

A top-down action RPG.
Enemies can be cut down with the simple press of a button.
If you lose all your life, your clothes will be torn, and monsters will violate Arche.

Arche and the Demonic Sword's Shrine [English ver.] [hanamigasaku]

– 7 clothing options
– 9 CG, each with animation
– After the ending, CG can be viewed in the Gallery, even unviewed scenes
– Includes bonus for virgin game completion
– Approx. 1~2 hours playtime


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