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General Questions

Is this website free?
– Yes! But we use Patreon to receive support to keep website alive.

I am not Patreon, can I download games on the Website?
– Yes, website is free for all, but for Patreon members can get more rewards from us.

Why I see shorter links (captcha or wait) when I click download links?
– Don’t worry, just wait and skip them. This shorter link is safe!

Can i request games?
– You can go “Request” page in website and request games you want.

Why my request not upload?
– Maybe your games don’t have crack or very older to find source links.

Download links is dead, should i do?
– Comment in game post have dead links. And we will re-upload it.

How to install games?
– First, you need know how to extract compress files with extract software. All tutorials about install and play games will post at “Otomi.moe”, you can go website and find them.

Download & Install Questions

I get “.iso” files when extract, should i do?
– Read: How to install games that are in an ISO format

Can’t run Japanese games or get error when run?
– Read: How to use Locale Emulator to run Japanese Games

How to download from some links from website?
– Read: Simple guide for download from some hosts

Google Drive links limit 24 hours, how to download when i get this notice?
– Read: How to bypass 24 hours limit Google Drive

Why Steam auto open when i run game?
– Maybe you forgot apply crack, please copy crack and paste it to folder game and run again.

How to extract compress files spilt into parts (.part1, .part2…)?
– Download all parts, put them in same folder and then extract first part (.part1).

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