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Premium Hosting

Games over 2GB added high-speed download links.


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All About Payment (Important!)

Importantly, you need to read all of this before paying.

1. Membership (5$/month):

This option requires a Credit Card to be added to Paypal account.

  • The membership type only supports monthly payments, not quarterly or annual payments.
  • If your account expired and you want to renew, make payment on Ko‑fi then your old account will be reactivated in next 2 – 12 hours (we do this manually). Once reactivated, you can log in to your previous account normally.

2. One Time:

This option does not require a credit card, use Paypal balance or Credit Card (if added) to pay.

  • This is a one-time payment and it does not limit the amount you want to pay.
  • You can use this type of payment if you want to pay quarterly or annually.
  • Like membership, if your account expires and you want to renew it, simply pay again on Ko-fi then the account will be reactivated in the next 2 – 12 hours (we do this manually).

Tips: Multiply the number of months by 5 to get the amount you want to pay.
1 month: 1 * 5 = 5$ (1 coffee)
2 month: 2 * 5 = 10$ (2 coffees)
3 month: 3 * 5 = 15$ (3 coffees)  …

How To Login?

Login page: Once account creation and payment is completed on Ko-fi, your otomi games account will be automatically created. Please check your email (used to register Ko-fi) to set up a password. The email has the following content:


Login information:

  • Username: Ko-fi email
  • Password: set by the step above
What Is Premium Links (Download)?

Those are file hosting sites with the highest quality and unlimited downloads. Currently we are using 3 high speed file storage sites for premium link Degoo, 1fichier and OneDrive. You can test the speed of each link here:

Forgot Password?

Just go to the login page, click “Forgot Password” then enter your email (Ko-fi email), a password change link will be automatically sent to your email.

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