OTOMI-GAMES.COM works completely for free. But we also need money to maintain the website and pay for services like servers, file hosting… So if you can, please help us by paying a fee to become a premium member. It’s only for the price of a cup of coffee per month but from there we can have the energy to grow the website. We are always grateful for your help!


320₽ (~5$)/month
Start your first journey today.


Direct Download

Remove waiting times (15s) and get instant download links.

Remove Ads

Remove all ads including banners and pop-ups.

Premium Download

Games over 2GB added high-speed download links.


Collections, CGs and more perks are waiting for you!

What Happens After Payment Is Completed?

Please wait for 2 – 12 hours, you will receive an email with content about your premium account. Go to the link in the email and set up a password.

Make sure the email you used to sign up for Boosty is active.


Login information:

Username: Boosty email
Password: set by the step above

What Is Premium Links (Download)?

Those are file hosting sites with the highest quality and unlimited downloads. Currently we are using 3 high speed file storage sites for premium link Degoo, 1fichier and OneDrive. You can test the speed of each link here:

How To Get Perks?

We offer perks and rewards directly on the website via account login. This is a lot easier than providing privileges through Discord, any perks on the installed website automatically appear after the user logs in.

Forgot Password?

Just go to the login page, click “Forgot Password” then enter your email (Boosty email), a password change link will be automatically sent to your email.


This is a payment method for people from Indonesia, the benefits of premium members are exactly the same as paying via Boosty.

60.000RP (30 units)/month

All About Payment (Important!!!)

We only accept full payment of 30 units (60.000rp) to set up premium member account. If you pay less, your money will be considered a donation and we are grateful to you for this.

If you want to pay for 2 months or more, multiply the number of months you want by 30 units to get the amount you need to pay.

1 month = 30 (units) = 60.000rp
2 month = 2 * 30 (units) = 60 (units) = 120.000rp
3 month = 3 * 30 (units) = 90 (units) = 180.000rp

How To Login?

Login page: Since Trakteer does not yet support automatic API, we need to create a manual account on the website when you successfully pay on Trakteer. Account creation takes about 2 – 12 hours (usually sooner). Regularly check your email (used to sign up for Trakteer) for a link to set up a password. The email has the following content:


Login information:

Username: Trakteer email
Password: set by the step above

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