Cursed Armor

Cursed Armor


  • Release Date: 2018-03-25
  • Developer: Wolfzq
  • Censorship: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Version: 2.50
  • Language: English (70% translated, 23% machine)


Current version: 2.50 (update 12 Feb, 2020)
Improved some of both the jap and eng translation. UI adjustment, added a changing room, added a wolfgod temple event, lowered the difficulty of some plots.

Current version: 2.02 (update 7 Apr, 2018)

Current version: 2.01 (update 27 Feb, 2018)

Current version: 2.03 version (update 7 Oct, 2018)
1 Game is improved translation quality and fix some bug.
2 Game and CG mod merge.
3 Add some face and hair pictures.

Cursed Armor (English version) [wolfzq]

Fifteen centuries passed since the Lewd Demon Lord was sealed.
A girl who is ambitious to be the strongest adventurer Rilina’s journey started.
In the middle of her way, however, she was tempted by a succubus and got
into a cursed armor! In order to put the cursed armor off she has to collect
six legendary items that were spread all over the world, which isn’t that easy…

Cursed Armor (English version) [wolfzq]

Key Points:
1. A fantasy game in pixel artworks!
2. Pose art & Cosmetics systems enable you to customize the heroine with various costumes and hairstyles!
3. Multi-ending & Replayability. There is 1 main route and 5 sub routes.
4. There are H scenes during battle. You can use various lewd moves!

H situations: male x female / female x female / female x futa / DSM / binding /
corruption / exhibition / monster girl / pregnancy birthing / hypnosis /
tentacle / cosplay / sex slave / milking / insect r*pe etc.

If you enjoyed playing this game, please keep this game in your PC.
Updates are planned with addition of pose art, pixel art and CG.


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