Emiliana: Holy Lady’s Demonic Covenant

Emiliana: Holy Lady's Demonic Covenant


  • Release Date: 2019-04-20
  • Developer: White Moor
  • Translator: EventideGames
  • Store: DLSite
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaic)
  • Version: 1.25
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English (MTL)


* Story

A young girl named Emiliana looking fine with her blond hair
lives modestly as a nun in a remote village, Zamak.

One day, a soldier comes from the central city, Marysass, and
abducts Laula, who is Emiliana’s little sister, in the name of the witch-hunt.

To save Laula, Emiliana devotes her virginity to Beherit, a demon,
and attains power to fight in return, becoming a “witch”.

Having lost her humane qualities, Emiliana will be instilled with,
still yet keeping her devout and saint-like mindset in mind, sexual
pleasures given by men and monsters on her adventure in search of Laula.

Emiliana: Holy Lady's Demonic Covenant [White Moor]

* System
– Symbol Encounter + Dark Fire System
It is possible to get through battles with some EXP by throwing “dark fire”
toward enemy symbols by pressing the confirm button. This system is for
avoiding Symbol Encounter system’s dilemma that it is easy to dodge
through battles but unable to level-up without battles.

– In-battle H Animations
In normal battles, Emiliana receives both normal and H attacks by enemies.
She fights them with her magic spells and H skills.
There are five levels of clothing damage and she receives different H attacks in each level.

– Battle F*ck to Save Souls
In battle f*ck scenes, she tries to relive undead men’s souls by making them cum.
The one who reaches 100 pleasure level will lose.
Battle f*ck H scenes are all animated.

Emiliana: Holy Lady's Demonic Covenant [White Moor]

– The Nun Lets Loose in the Confession Room
In the confession room, she can learn new H skills and plays used in renewing the covenant.

– Dress-up Prostitution
Emiliana prostitutes for money and information.
It is possible to buy erotic costumes and walk in the street at night
wearing them to meet up with many different men for money and information.

– The Horny Writing
You can edit how sexual organs are textually displayed by using an item named “Seiten (Horny Writing)”.

Emiliana: Holy Lady's Demonic Covenant [White Moor]

– Product Info
38 base CG (not counting non-erotic ones)
36 animations, 58 cuts


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