• Don’t request Online games, MMO games.
  • Don’t request game already upload in website.
  • Don’t request games already free.
  • Don’t request console games (PS4, PS Vita…).
  • Don’t request unreleased.
  • Don’t request non-translate games (Japanese, Chinese language…).
  • Don’t request old games too.


Choose one of the following:

  • Join Discord sever and request in #reuqest-eroge-vn or #request-offline-games channels. (Recommend)
  • Comment Disqus in this post.

Request form: [name] + [info links]

Requests from Disqus comments will take longer than requests from Discord. Because I regularly online on Discord and check messages every hour.

71 thoughts on “Request

  1. Request Upload
    Game : CUSTOM MAID 3D 2

    can it be like Koikatsu! Betterrepack RX 9 system update?

  2. KARAKARA2 please. I have the game but there is a bug in the H-Scenes (No Voice). I heard that the patch has been fixed. I would appreciate if you do, thanks i advance.

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