Harmonia Full HD Edition [Final] [VISUAL ARTS]

Harmonia Full HD Edition

Harmonia Full HD Edition Free Download

This is a story of the distant future. An immense war left the world broken and torn. Ashes covered the sky, the land was stripped of vegetation, and water dried up. As a result, the human population drastically decreased.

The remaining humans huddled together to survive. During this time, an emotions-capable robot known as a Phiroid woke up in a decayed factory. Prior to the war, science created these human-like robots capable of feeling emotion.

As new partners for the humans, the Phiroids promised better lives for all of
humanity. However, upon waking, this Phiroid soon realized that its emotions were not
functioning. Its right hand lacked artificial skin and the mechanical parts showed how its
production likely went unfinished.

This young male Phiroid had an innate desire to be with humans. And so it began a journey to obtain its lost emotions, and wandered across this devastated world. One day, the Phiroid was discovered by a young girl. Thinking he was a human, she began to look after him. She brought him to a small, but pleasant town. While living with the young girl, che Phiroid slowly learned about emotions.

  • Title: Harmonia Full HD Edition
  • Developer: VISUAL ARTS/Key
  • Publisher: VISUAL ARTS/Key
  • Release date: 24 Apr, 2024
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)
  • No Sexual Content!
  • Store: Steam
Harmonia Full HD Edition [Final] [VISUAL ARTS]
Harmonia Full HD Edition [Final] [VISUAL ARTS]

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