Hot And Lovely


  • TITLE: Hot And Lovely
  • GENRE: Action, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: Lovely Games
  • PUBLISHER: Lovely Games
  • FRANCHISE: Hot girl
  • RELEASE DATE: 8 Jan, 2020


This is a casual guessing game. In the process of the game, you need to do guessing with many girls to win and conquer the beautiful girls.

How to play the game:

Guessing boxing + beautiful girl + changing clothes

Game features:

1. 9 different roles ~, more than 15 CG!
2. Each role has its own dynamic CG
3. Each role can be changed
4. Each role has multiple interactions waiting for your discovery
5. It’s an interesting way of guessing boxing. Winning or losing is only one thought

There are two free DLCs before and after the launch, one is the extension content of the ontology, and the other is the extension of the new beauty girl
With the launch of the game, the achievement part and the card collection part will gradually open up, and more beautiful personal data background will be provided to you~


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