I’ll Put You in Debt

I'll Put You in Debt


  • Release Date: 2020-01-23
  • Developer: Tistraya
  • Censored: Yes
  • Version: 1.00
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English


— Prologue

Luciera, a busty and glamorous blonde.

[Arc] “I can’t wait anymore. I want to see you in the wedding dress.”

[Luciera] “one year will pass before you know it, just have a little patience.”

[Arc] “yeah, you’re right…”

[Luciera] “hey, how many children do you want?”

[Arc] “at least 10. I hope they are all as beautiful as you.”

[Luciera] “what… I don’t think I can handle that much…”

half a year ago they were such a loving couple, but—

[Luciera] “poverty is infectious, poor man”

[Arc] “a poor man!? what happened to you! you weren’t the type to say such a thing!?”

[Arc] “you used to be a much kinder girl…”

[Luciera] “that’s because you were a son of an affluent and prestigious family.”

[Luciera] “your family has declined. there is no more merit to be with you anymore.”

I'll Put You in Debt [English Ver.] [Tistrya]

Luciera shows her true colors…
her fiance burns with the flames of revenge and vows to push her into an abyss of corruption…

— Luciera’s downfall…

Luciera continuously falls into the structured traps…
losing her virginity, which she planned to keep till marriage…
captured, raped, losing all of her fortune.

deceived then seeing hope, and then deceived over and over
again by her fiance, she falls to the bottom.


when the debt increases, you will be able to work in the city.
at the guild, Inn, pub etc.
depending on her level of horniness, workplaces such as hostess club and brothel are unlocked.

I'll Put You in Debt [English Ver.] [Tistrya]

CV: Ako Byakuya
the voice is included in over 90% of the heroine’s conversations.
(there are certain lines and scenarios without voice)

depending on the amount of debt and work style, the ending will differ.

This work is created using RPG TKool VX Ace.


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