Knight of Erin

Knight of Erin

Knight of Erin Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.


  • Title: Knight of Erin
  • Publisher: sugar star
  • Release date: Jun/01/2018
  • Last updated: Jul/27/2019
  • Version: 1.06
  • Language: English (Fan Translae by =together=)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)


Knight of Erin Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.

Under the pact with a demon sword, she is destined to be mightier by having sex.

– 26 base CG (405 incl. variants)
– 22x patterns of In-Battle & Pose Art Erotica
– 18x patterns of In-Battle Pixel Art Erotica

Knight of Erin [sugar star]


* Original Battle System

In addition to the action-equipped normal battle style, another combat form
named “Knight Mode” that takes place in a command input manner.
When in-battle H scenes are concerned, there also are two different categories:
to see pixel-art erotica and flow of activity log.

Monsters you have defeated will be registered on the “monster list”
in which you can playback in-battle H scenes.

Knight of Erin [sugar star]

* Dress-Up System

Depending on which cloth she equips, she can seduce different NPCs.
The clothes are related to H scenes. There are 5 clothes kinds of available in the trial version.

* NPC Seducing System

All the male NPCs are subject to be seduced.
You can check the conditions of seduction on the spot.
After a seduction has successfully finished, one’s impression
will be posted on “Tomcatter”, as an additional joy.


Erin gains EXP when she has sex with NPCs.
When she wins the battle by seduction, the EXP is doubled.

Knight of Erin [sugar star]

* Diverse Pixel Artworks

In-battle pixel art, pixel art H scenes in NPC seduction, map tips on the filed map etc.

* Convenient Functions

High-speed battle, wait command, moving from one place to another, glossary etc.


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