Kuroinu Redux [Final] [Liquid]

Kuroinu Redux

Kuroinu Redux Free Download

Eos, the western plains of the continent of Serenus— With the dark-elven queen’s influence finally waning, the centuries-long war between the allied races and her demon army seems to be entering its final phase…

Desperate to end the bloodshed once and for all, the Seven Shields Alliance—seven strongholds along Eos’s northernmost border united by an elven reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia—seek out the assistance of the protagonist Vult and his Black Dog Mercenaries.

However, the young Vult wastes no time in betraying them, moving his headquarters to the realm of the dark elf Queen Olga herself!

Shock, panic, indignation, then grief… Eos’s inhabitants cannot believe their fate at the hands of this treacherous “hero” as he leads his minions into their towns and villages, and even the lands of former friends and allies.

  • Title: Kuroinu Redux
  • Developer: Liquid
  • Publisher: Shiravune
  • Release date: 19 May, 2023
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Store: Steam
Kuroinu Redux [Final] [Liquid]
Kuroinu Redux [Final] [Liquid]
Kuroinu Redux [Final] [Liquid]
Kuroinu Redux [Final] [Liquid]

All Ages Version

R18 Version

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RAR Password: otomi-games.com
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