LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]


LonaRPG Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG. Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world.
Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life…
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Help Lona in this cruel and unforgiving world and escape from Noer Island! Control her destiny and decide her fate! LonaRPG is a HARDCORE, survival, action-adventure, role-playing game!

Not for the faint of heart!!


  • Title: LonaRPG
  • Developer: EccmA417
  • Publisher: EccmA417 (Fanbox – Subscribestar – Itch.io)
  • Release date: N/A
  • Version: 0.7.9
  • Language: English, Chinese (Official)
  • Censored: No (Uncensored)
  • Store: N/A
LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]
LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]
LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]
LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]
LonaRPG [V0.7.9] [EccmA417]
  • -*fixed, autoPeePoo when sleep fix in 0761 is temporary rollback because i feels annoyed.(pee can still trigger by WeakBladder)
    -*fixed, Overevent stun stuck the game when player is in overmap.
    -*fixed, overevent PeePoo, milk, vomit cause 1 sec stun.(actually add in 0761, but i forgot put this in log)(test)
  • **reset the map if cocona is a follower**
    -*fixed, Number popup now with popup str check condition.
    -*fixed, New mod API. FileGetter.load_mod_lona_portrait_parts_dir. manual chs setup.
    -*fixed, GrayRat,DavidBorn,FireMage,Cocona now will not use any skill when moving by non shift AssemblyCall.
    -*fixed, Fireball skills do double take_damage(0720)
    -*fixed, some time when revicer NPC killed during sex with other npc will cause npc stuck in death(since Abom lona)
    -*fixed, Smite now set direction when take effects.(so shield wont do weird block dir)
    -*fixed, drop NorthFL SouthFL will game crash.
    -*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter cant hit anything on deep water tile(since 0302)
    -*fixed, Game_PorjectileCharacter all skill now will hit user if user is facing on wall.(all missile skills should do the same)
    -*fixed, U should not get wireless parasite from cancel a prostitute in SouthFL.
    -*fixed, @slot_index nil crash in equip UI page.
    -*fixed, NoerArena SexBeast ghost move after death.
    -*fixed, Double sound_death playback when Npc dead.
    -*fixed, MT_crunch skeletons should not delete after nap.
    -*fixed, dup items from drop item then load game.
    -*fixed, NpcWoodenSpearHeavy, NpcManCatcherControl, ManCatcherControl, NpcHalberdControl hit_frame from 10 to 29
    -*fixed, move most record and dialog stats from actor to story_stats(core)
    -*fixed, update_sex_exp, update_melanin_eff, update_melanin from actor refresh to each nap(core)
    -*added, score board to record ur kill count in every town and noerTavern.
    -*added, Cocona prostituationEV and playable in RecRoom.(Human,Moot only)
    -*added, UniqueEvent_PeeWithCocona if cocona is in prostitute line.
    -*fixed, CHCG rotate crash (Beta)
  • **HEAVY CORE CHANGE. MUST DO CLEARN INSTALL. backup ur gameLona.ini and SAVE please**
  • *fixed, TRY to fix double hits when skill with 0 hit_frames.
  • *fixed, NoerPrison ExitToilet Error.(0723)
  • -*fixed, BasicNunHeal: Launch_since from 10 to 20. launch_max to 40 to 21. sta cost from 3 to 2. with a buff ATK/DEF to target when CON trait > 20.
  • *fixed, BasicBattleStandard: form channeling holding skill to typical holding skill, STA cost = 5.
  • *fixed, SaintSymNormal sta cost from 10 to 5
  • *fixed, Cocona add PortraitShield skill, and fix her minion’s friendly fire bugs, and can only have 5 minions at same time.
  • *fixed, GrayRat’s basic attack skills now with no_interrupt. move_speed form 2.5 to 2.7
  • *fixed, DavidBorn’s now with a unique AI, and his Roar skill usage now more reasonable.
  • *fixed, most undead now with is_fish tag so they can walk in water.(because jonny derp is awesome)
  • *fixed, OrcCatcher, fix sprite and skills
  • *fixed, follower direction under AssemblyCall click mode is no more fixed, and now will lost its target when clicked.
  • *fixed, attack npc when its in Sex_reciver mode will cause their animation broken.(by take_skill_effect,check_skill_cancel_by_hit)
  • *fixed, healing a NPC already died but in Sex_reciver mode will broke its sprite.
  • -*fixed, KatanaControl buff: with no_action_change tag, ParryStun effect frames from 28 to 42.
  • -*fixed, KatanaControl buff: when user made success XY transfer and target is in action, target hitted will stun for 2sec.
  • *fixed, HobgoblinShaman: upgrade its AI. skill usage now more reasonable.
  • *fixed, During sex mode, can no more use sex attack to a target already dead.
  • *fixed, lactation_level gen by WombSeedBed now based on Sat.
  • *fixed, BroadSwordHeavy now replaced by WoodenSpearNormal.
  • *fixed, fix more varible condition bugs in DfRefugeeCamp quests.
  • *fixed, SaintPriests now cast shield spell, and add NpcCurvedSaintSmite attack spell to fit their background.
  • *added, TestProtectShield(console test only)
  • *added, TestSaintSmite(console test only)
  • *added, HobgoblinRaiderArcher(console test only)
  • *added, HobgoblinRaiderSpear(console test only)
  • *added, OrcPriest(console test only)


RAR Password: otomi-games.com
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