Long and Hard… Summer! [V1.01] [Inlet Pipe]

Long and Hard... Summer

Long and Hard… Summer! Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. Being a freshman on the college is more difficult than you thought. After failing your first semester, you have misplaced your wish for amusing all through the summer time season vacation.

In Long and Hard… Summer, now you want to wait make-up training and byskip tests, in case you nevertheless need to be a scholar of Game Design Course. But it really is now no longer the cease of your problems. Your mother and father determined to prevent purchasing the flat you rent, so that you want to discover a process and earn sufficient cash to make a living. Don’t overlook that existence is complete of surprises and greater barriers would possibly come, whilst you anticipate them least.

Despite having a difficult time, you are now no longer alone. The employer of lovely ladies can truely make your existence a bit bit fascinating and… spicier. Become an person and make your intercourse existence cross wildly out of hand.

  • Title: Long and Hard… Summer!
  • Developer: Inlet Pipe Productions (Itch.io – Discord – Twitter)
  • Publisher: Inlet Pipe Productions
  • Release date: 16 Dec, 2022
  • Version: 1.01
  • Language: English (Official)
  • Censored: No (Uncensored)
  • Store: Steam
Long and Hard... Summer! [V1.01] [Inlet Pipe]
Long and Hard... Summer! [V1.01] [Inlet Pipe]
Long and Hard... Summer! [V1.01] [Inlet Pipe]
Long and Hard... Summer! [V1.01] [Inlet Pipe]
  • We changed the description of the “True Criminal” quest – many of you pointed out that it is not clear what needs to be done next
  • Hold ESC to exit minigame on PC – accidental exit will no longer happen
  • Fixed name input for Chinese version – now it is possible to enter all characters
  • Akari “problem” fixed – a particular combination of events prevented the relationship with Akari from developing. And now not anymore!
  • Z and X keys – for those who are used to the controls known from RPG Maker games
  • Default Name – Our quick fix for Steam Deck issues where you couldn’t enter your name, which prevented the game from starting. From now on, the game proposes a name for the hero, which can of course be changed. This isn’t our last word on the subject, but we don’t have access to the device so it’s hard for us to fix this issue quickly.
  • Kaname-chan’s first heart reward – the scene after reaching first heart with Kaname-chan got updated with a second, fiery part.
  • New interactive objects – a lot of stuff to find has been scattered around the world to look for. Better use that “Shift” key!
  • Gotta pee! – Sometimes you’ll just have to go…
  • “I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!” – Bar gets crowdy during the weekends.
  • Stat raised GUI update – Notification got a little bit more juicy. It’s nothing much, but it’s still an honest job…
  • Meet Daniel! – our Patron’s NPC is out and about in the City.

V1.01 (Steam Version)


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