Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia’s Fall From Grace~ [V1.11] [acerola]

Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~

Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia’s Fall From Grace~ Free Download

In a world composed of several large islands, the “Grand Isles.”
The royal capital Freesia is the heart of civilization. “Humans” and “Mazoku” both exist, but since ancient times humans have discriminated against Mazoku out of contempt for their appearances and abilities.
While King Freesia wants to make a better world for all, and begins to enact policy, bringing an end to discrimination is a long and perilous journey.

Situated in this world is the hub of trade and commerce, Marigold.
There a young female adventurer by the name of Lilia Flawless is brimming with excitement.
She is soon to head off on an adventure, and fulfill her dreams by becoming rich through adventuring, crawling dungeons, and discovering treasure.
However, Lilia isn’t exactly an athletic buff, nor does she have much prowess in magic…
In fact, she’s pretty much bumbling through life at the moment one mistake after another.
“No worries! This time will be all good!” she encourages herself… and heads off to a dungeon where rumor has it that magical gems are just waiting to be discovered.

Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~ [V1.11] [acerola]
Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~ [V1.11] [acerola]
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