Monster Black Market [V2.0.16.0] [チーム-アップルパイ]

Monster Black Market

Monster Black Market Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. A player who accepts the secret proposal of “Amilia”, an executive of the continent’s best criminal organization
She gives the player a territory, where she runs a monster farm and brothel that uses monsters and slaves to try out the player.

The period she offered is 50 days

In Monster Black Market, for 50 days, she decided to accept the player into Amilia’s organization if she managed the territory and made a profit.

The game balance and UI of the trial version and the official version may change slightly.

It has 8 types of slaves, 5 types of monsters, and different appearances and characteristics depending on the race. Let’s make various products with various parts and color combinations.

  • Title: Monster Black Market
  • Developer: チーム-アップルパイ
  • Publisher: チーム-アップルパイ
  • Release date: 23 Jul, 2022
  • Version:
  • Language: English, Japanese, Korean (Official)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Store: DLsite
モンスターブラックマーケット [チーム-アップルパイ]
モンスターブラックマーケット [チーム-アップルパイ]
モンスターブラックマーケット [チーム-アップルパイ]
モンスターブラックマーケット [チーム-アップルパイ]
モンスターブラックマーケット [チーム-アップルパイ]
  • Ability to undress special slaves
  • It is possible to construct the same type of room one after another by using the Ctrl key during construction.
  • It is possible to remove clothes and chains collectively with the Alt key
  • Changed the double speed button to stop without returning from 5 to 1
  • Add territory conversion button
  • Fixed an issue where window contents were displayed over slaves and monsters
  • Fixed the click range of the upper left timer
  • Fixed an issue where the pause was canceled when closing the menu
  • Fixed the problem that the screen position moves when closing the menu with right click
  • Fixed the click range of the shelf and customers at the brothel entrance
  • Remove acquisition message on restart
  • Added room name change function
  • Add some effects
  • Fixed screen reduction range
  • Add bestiality and childbirth to customer preferences
  • Add Tutorial Skip On/Off function to options
  • Add Fairy Line On/Off function to options
  • Added keyboard screen movement speed to options
  • Favorites have been fixed so that they cannot be sold or dismantled.
  • Automatically achieve the achievement “Gold Minus for the first time” on MASTER difficulty
  • Fixed Karen’s pubic hair display
  • Fixed an issue where you could not drag if you died during childbirth
  • Fixed an issue where Niel crafting could be obtained before completion
  • Add Flora glasses On/Off function
  • N/A
  • Fixed the problem of freezing when loading
  • Fixed the problem that players from different cultures could not save
  • Fixed a problem where special slaves could not be obtained if events occurred at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where players could sell
  • Fixed problem with player being able to click
  • Fixed loli mother’s milk text
  • Fixed cat characteristics text display
  • Fixed problem with experience count being displayed as number of experiences
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the restoration of ancient monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t proceed without a corpse during the corpse tutorial

V2.0.16.0 (DLC V2.2)

DLC Patch

Uncensored Patch (Fan Made)

(Fan Made)

1. Buy Girls with positive traits only.
2. Do not buy monsters unless new specimens (only buy one or two). Because breeding with monsters only produce monsters. (this may be a bug, and be patched).
3. Traits on girls and monsters combine in the offspring. Increasing or decreasing depends if’s bonus or malus trait.
4. Each race of girls has set of unique trait that can happen.
– Humans have Baby Growth(reduce time of baby growth in seconds) and Conception Rate(in percentage) NOTE! – Monster conception rate + girl conception rate = true percentage – Example = (100%+55%)/2 = 77.5%
– Elves have Max Health and Daily Maintenance cost (Hard cap is 5 gold per day, cannot be lower), sometimes but very rarely can buy with Maximum Birth count (Increases how many births before becoming sterile).
– Dwarves have Max Health and Max Birth count , very rarely can spawn with Multiple pregnancy (Hard Cap is 3, so going for more than 2 in that trait is useless).
– Neko(or Furry) have Multiple Pregnancy, Conception Rate and rarely Baby Growth.
– Usagi and Hitsuji(or small Furry) have Conception Rate, Max Birth Count, Daily Maintenance and rarely Baby Growth Time and Multiple Pregnancy.
– Draconian have Max Health, Conception Rate, Max Birth Count and rarely Multiple Pregnancy and Daily Maintenance Cost.
NOTE—- Slave health consumption during breeding and Breeding time can only be created with DNA. Either Girl or Monster.
ADVICE—- Avoid Breeding time as much as you can if you don’t like fast breeding. Maximum Breeding time is lowered from ~60 to 20seconds.

5. When buying girls , consider buying one girl with as many bad traits possible and feed her all the milk. That way you will eventually build into positive traits. Fast and cheap way of having super girl on day 5. If you lucky, I heard milk has 15% chance of upgrading trait.
6. Keep some achievement points for Flora. Once she is unlocked, invest in Reduced count for dismantle for Pixies. So you can unlock pixies easier. At maximum reduction cost is only 5 instead of 20.
7. Focus early on the trait Multiple pregnancy, a girl with 100% conception can easily make you ton of monsters. But multiple pregnancy trait have percentage, meaning that it will not always bring you 3 kids per breeding.
8. Only girls with Multiple pregnancy of 3 can produce Minotaur and Salamanders.
9. Any girl can work at horse breeding. But only girls with Multiple pregnancy of 3 can produce horse offspring. Horse offspring is automatically sold for 300 gold.
10. Condom and Love Gel have + sign where you can designate which people are included of using said products.
11. Each white/blue/red/purple have percentage for disease. White having 5%. Red having 10%. Blue having 10%-20% and Purple having 100%. Gold have 0% and have special room. They also have good traits.
12. Unique girls can escape if not tamed, and can die.
13. Under Achievement panel where numbers are displayed there is + where you can see all achievements , unlock or otherwise.
14. Under Pixy panel where numbers are displayed there is + where you can set options for pixies work globally.
15. In the girl panel there is option to exclude pixy from automating that girl.
16. Sena and Lena sell special cosmetic potion where you can edit girl appearance, boobs included. BUT NOT her outfit.
17. You can drag and drop DNA on the Cloning Vat directly. No need to click on Niel at all.
18. Only way to get GIRL offspring is via Glory Hole(Only first position, Second is tits, third is anal) and via VIP Rooms. Offspring inherit traits from both parties. Beware of Purple person has 100% STD chance and ALL negative traits.
HOT TAKE->19. Quickest way farming disease is to let random bought human die of over sex with goblin, because goblins are sadistic. Let it decompose in that room and once the room in contaminated just put random girls/monsters inside to get STD and then disassemble them. DO NOT CLEAN THE ROOM. Voila infinite way for disease DNA.
20. You can breed lolis of any race.
21. You can postpone pregnancy indefinitely.
22. At the moment there are NO downsides to dirty cum rooms despite game saying it may trigger STD.(may change in the future- hopefully not). Which means showers do not have function other than esthetics – to clean cum off them.
23. With good traits you actually don’t need 20 girls working non stop. 3 Girls with Multiple pregnancy is enough for end game on MASTER difficulty. Should you ever get micro intensive game even with high pixy count.
24. AVOID putting any girls/monsters for disassemble on the day 30 at night. You will softlock yourself once tutorial triggers about dissembling on day 31.
25. If tutorial/new order from Amilia triggers together with receiving bonus unique girl do not worry. Girl will be waiting in special panel. She is not lost. Just click on payment panel on top left to remove payment menu.
26. You can drag select multiple girls/monsters and drag them collectively where you want. Good for relocating or selling in a bundle. You can do that when buying girls/monsters too.
27. Dead girls in the morgue can be dissembled. Game also tells us they will decompose there slowly. But I never bothered to check.
28. You can call dealer again as many times you like, doesn’t cost anything. Button is located on the rightwith blue colour. Alternately you can click on Amelia portrait and then red marker to bring bigger panel up.
29. You can get easy 10 achievement points by buying 50 delivery rooms and then destroying them. 50×50 = 2500 gold need but you get half in return, wasting only 1250 gold for it. Which is basically one monster cost.
30. When you disassemble girls/monsters there is a chance you’ll get origin DNA. With that DNA you can create any monster/girl. Including two otherwise unattainable monsters Salamander and Minotaur. Skills are random and complete set. There is rare chance you will get ALL positive traits. Just click randomize until you do. On monsters it’s pointless but on girls is a MUST. Because that will be the only way Slave health consumption during breeding is inherited in a girl.
31. If girl has red exclamation mark her offsprings will be born with disease. Girls or Monsters.
32. If a girl has yellow exclamation mark her offsprings may be born with disease. Girls or Monsters.
33. Monsters with red exclamation mark become impotent and cannot be cured. Monsters with yellow exclamation mark aren’t impotent but spreads disease to other girls. Again regardless of exclamation mark colour, monsters cannot be treated. (MAY CHANCE IN FUTURE PATCHES).
34. Girl bodies decompose for half a day.
35. Unique girl traits DO PASS ON their offsprings. It’s good idea to breed Unique girls with Golden People inside VVIP Room. (make sure to check off condom usage for them). NOTE—- sometimes Gold Persons have different preference, and may not choose VVIP room. But it has priority on it.

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