My Territory – Was Witches Island!?


  • Release Date: 2020-07-12
  • Developer: Pasture Soft
  • Censored: Yes
  • Version: Final
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English


Left-Click: Confirm
Drag: Move Unit/Camera
Right-Click: Cancel
Ctrl: Skip
←→:Move Camera
You could move camera while dragging unit.
↓↓↓Please watch the demo if you want to know what to do first in this game.↓↓↓

ボクの領地がかつて魔女たちが住んでいた島…だと!?【英語版】 [パスチャーソフト]

[A]-Collect Tax
[G]-System Menu
[Space]-Go to next scene in H animation.

In System Menu

You got an island as awarded and became a noble. But this is not the happy end but a beginning. The island was the nest that withes used to live. Now it’s your turn to govern this island and let all of them know you’re the true owner here. The witches’ legacy may attack you sometimes…

Territory Management X Tower Defense SLG
Rule the land and live with people there. Protect the small town from all enemies. You action may change the Moral Point and other status. You could be a kind lord or a bad one just like Blue Beard. It’s all your call.

Animated H-Scene 35+


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