Room Girl BetterRepack [R2.1] [Illusion]

Room Girl BetterRepack

Room Girl BetterRepack Free Download

Room Girl BetterRepack R2.1 Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. In the world of “Room Girl”, there are many different characters inhabiting the city, and the player can control them and intervene to change their lives, such as arranging them to join events. events at work or elsewhere. , and then develop deep friendships, enjoy the fun of communicating with the characters’ perspectives, and paint an H-filled life for them.

In other words, players in the Room Girl can arrange their own direction, which is also consistent with the initial public announcement, where players follow the daily life of an office woman from the perspective of third wheel. As for what they want to do, it’s up to the player’s choice.

If “Love Live” focuses on a campus setting, “AI Shoujo” focuses on an island paradise, and “Honey Select” focuses on a fetish guesthouse, “Room Girl” is more of a fake. thought. daily to the workplace.

Likewise, Mirage Society released a free trial version prior to the game’s release, allowing players who first hit the game to find their own corner. Configure the character and take pictures or take pictures and other functions.

The 3D adult role-playing simulation game “Room Girl” is scheduled to officially launch on September 30, and the game is currently available for free trial download.

Room Girl is a very light “life sim”. You are in control of multiple characters and your job is to guide them through their daily lifes. You pick a character and get presented with multiple options: interacting with other characters, doing work, lazing around, etc. Each action will improve a characters stats as well as effect their mood. You can enter relationships with other characters through conversation, with a “pick the right topic” minigame to between different relationship stages.

  • Name: ROOMガール / RoomGirl
  • Developer: Illusion (Website)
  • Release Date: 30 Sep, 2022
  • BetterRepack by: ScrewThisNoise (Patreon)
  • Better Repack publisher: Otomi Games
  • Better Repack version: R2.1 (1 May, 2023)
  • Added BepInEx ConfigManager
  • Added SpockBauru’s EnableFullScreenToggleIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s EnableResizeIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s GraphicsSettingsIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s MessageCenterIL2CPP v0.7
  • Added SpockBauru’s MuteInBackgroundIL2CPP v0.7
  • Updated BepInEx UnityIL2CPP to v6.0.0-pre.1
  • Applied official update (roomgirl02plus)
  • Applied all 3 preorder bonuses (roomgirldlsouki)
  • Applied better EN translations (Images still not translated)
  • Applied better CN translations by haro (Images still not translated)
  • Applied official update (roomgirl_02_plus1007p2ide_sub)
  • Applied AIS Preorder (aigirl_sexy_souki)
  • Applied AIS Preorder (aisyoujyo_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 Preorder (honey2_souki)
  • Applied HS2 Preorder (honey2_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 DX Preorder (honey2dx_yoyaku)
  • Applied HS2 DX Preorder (honey2dx_souki)
  • Applied Paid DLC (ai_syoujyo_miko) (Shrine Maiden)
  • Applied Paid DLC (ai_syoujyo_sb) (Succubus)
  • Applied Paid DLC (dlc_bondage) (Bondage)
  • Applied Uncensor v1.1 (Mesh by FutaBuy for HS2, ported to RG by Cur144)
  • Added enimaroah’s SB3U v22.3.4 (**)
  • Added KKY’s Maker Screenshot Plugin v1.0.0
  • Added [Hardmod][Cur144-taroukawai] SailorLong (x)
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.3.1 (making chinese font selection more flexible)
  • Removed [Hardmod][Xynth24] Kula Face Type (Doesn’t work in full game) (x)
  • Applied RoomGirl Paradise
  • Applied compression to base game
  • Applied official update roomgirlpdplus0428b4r
  • Applied preorder roomgirlpdyoyaku
  • Updated SpockBauru’s RG_Cheats to v1.1
  • Added hawkeye-e’s RG_MovementControl v0.1 (*)

Official Release by Otomi Games

Latest Version R2.1, use “Update”.

Version R1 (Repack Only – 3 Parts)

MEGA – MegaUpPixeldrainUploadHubTeraBox
DooDrive: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Anonfiles: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Version R2 (Repack Only – 6 Parts)

MEGA – MegaUpPixeldrainTeraBoxUp2ShareDooDrive
Torrent (R2)

Windows 10/11 64-bit*Windows 10/11 64-bit*
Intel Core i3 8100 or aboveIntel Core i7 8700 or above
8 GB16 GB
30 GB30 GB
DirectX 11DirectX 11
GTX 1060 3GBGTX 1060 6GB
Mouse With Scroll Whell and Display with resolution 1280×720Mouse With Scroll Whell and Display with resolution 1280×720
RAR Password:
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