School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE

School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE


  • Title: School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE
  • Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
  • Year: 2017-02-23
  • Developer: MyDearest
  • Publishers: MyDearest
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese
  • Voice: Japanese


The “Untalented” one’s “Talent”, that surpasses all things.

Welcome to Mikage Academy, a famed educational institute that prides itself on being the home school of prime ministers, world-renowned artists, great businessmen, and all sorts of other movers and shakers of society. What’s their secret? They accept only students with Talents – special powers that border on magic, granted by the divine, said to only occur in one in every ten thousand people by the time they reach adolescence.

School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE

I’m in love with this girl, Yuki Suzu, the dorm leader of the elites on campus, the White Lilies. And you know where I am on the pecking order? The very bottom of the Black Roses, a pack of slackers and rejects. And you guessed it – our dorms get along like cats and dogs.


All Ages Version

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