Stella of The End [Final] [VisualArts/Key]

Stella of The End

Stella of The End Free Download

The world no longer belongs to humanity.
Giant machines now roam the earth, pushing mankind to the brink of extinction.
Jude Gray, a wandering Courier, receives a request to deliver some very special cargo. This cargo turns out to be Philia, an android girl who is unaffected by the enigmatic Singularity Machines.
Jude is left with no choice but to escort Philia to her destination, doing his best to protect her from harm and teach her how to survive in this harsh world. Together, they must traverse the hostile wilderness, avoiding threats both mechanical and human.
The whole time, Philia insists she’s going to become human someday.
What awaits Jude and Philia at the end of the road? Can humanity really be saved, or is it already too late…?

  • Title: Stella of The End
  • Developer: VisualArts/Key
  • Publisher: VisualArts
  • Release date: 26 Sep, 2023
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)
  • No Sexual Content!
  • Store: Steam
Stella of The End [Final] [VisualArts/Key]
Stella of The End [Final] [VisualArts/Key]
Stella of The End [Final] [VisualArts/Key]

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