Virgin Road: The Chapel Bell Tolls on a Ruined Wedding Day

Virgin Road: The Chapel Bell Tolls on a Ruined Wedding Day


  • Release Date: 2019-09-06
  • Developer: nagiyahonpo
  • Censored: Yes
  • Version: Final
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English


****** Story ******

It was their wedding day.
At the village church, the wedding bells were ringing for the two happy couples.
Layla and Rianna – two women, as happy as could be.
The men who’d won their hearts, giddy with excitement for the wedding night.

Virgin Road: The Chapel Bell Tolls on a Ruined Wedding Day [English Ver.] [nagiyahonpo]

Their families and friends were gathered as the minister gave his sermon, and recited the vows.
The couples, at the height of bliss, were just about to share their first kiss.

****** Vengeance ******

The wedding is attacked by monsters, and the brides are violated.
Their pure white dresses torn asunder, the brides’ ample breasts and pretty pink nipples are put on full display.
Though they had preserved their virginities for marriage, the two girls are violated mercilessly.
The sacred wedding rites descend into a public sex show as the brides are violated, and one groom is killed.
The other groom sees his bride filled with the monster’s cum, and abandons her.

“No……I can’t…I can’t marry you…I can’t….
Layla…that monster spilled its seed inside my Layla’s p*ssy…Noo..”

Virgin Road: The Chapel Bell Tolls on a Ruined Wedding Day [English Ver.] [nagiyahonpo]

Subjected to such ordeals and humiliations, the two brides despaired.
But in their despair, the two brides meet for the first time, and resolve to seek vengeance.
…not knowing that even greater violations lie in store…

****** Adventure ******

Two brides embark on a journey to unseen towns, forests and caves.
Beauty awaits in the world to offer solace to wounded souls.

But the monsters are formidable.
Boss creatures require various tricks to defeat.
Of course…loss in battle means paying a sexual price…as if losing weren’t bad enough.

Battles include an Armor Break system.
As the girls take damage, their white wedding gowns rip and tear,
putting the young bride’s nubile bodies on display

While losing is unfortunate, you’ll get hints before the Game Over screen.
Enjoy the two girls’ sexy adventure, with 12 scene illustrations (over 60 variations)!

Illustrations: Nao Takami & Rodoku No.2


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