• GENRE: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
  • DEVELOPER: Dai Yong Xiang (alex94i60)
  • PUBLISHER: 獨立製作
  • FRANCHISE: 祭品的逆襲 The Counterattack Of Sacrifice, 被遺棄的雙子 Gemini of the abandoned
  • RELEASE DATE: 11 Nov, 2020


Hello, everyone, this game engine uses Unity to produce, music uses Youtube and Freesound copyright-free BGM, Japanese characters use Vroid and Blender to produce, 3D Models uses Asset Store and Sketchfab allow commercial use of modules.

Game introduction : This game can choose Chinese or English language, use the third person perspective to play, the player will play the cute little loli bravely rushing into the dungeon, full of many Japanese styles and many incredible interesting creatures , which also contains a lot of funny and interesting interaction.

Game story : There is a efficacious shrine on a high mountain, and in this shrine there is an apprentice miko named “Yuro”, she is lively and naughty and easy to overslept, she looks like a very ordinary girl, But there is a lord who lives underground, he thought she was not an ordinary girl, think she was the hope of the future of this shrine, arrangements in his serendipity , Yuro came to a dungeon full of fantasy and learned that she possessed incredible power. Started a series of fantasy adventures.

Gameplay :
WASD: Move
Left Shift: Switching camera
C: Switching gentleman camera
E: Enter interaction / Exit interaction
Mouse Left Key: Continuing dialog
ESC: Pause / Menu / Back game
►Reminder: After completing each process, there will be a bright light as a reminder at the transmission point to the next area. Press E to transmit.
►Archive: Each paragraph will be automatically archived after transmission.



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