~Azur Ring~virgin and slave’s phylacteries


  • TITLE: ~Azur Ring~virgin and slave’s phylacteries
  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
  • DEVELOPER: PinkPeachStudio
  • PUBLISHER: PinkPeach
  • RELEASE DATE: 17 Jul, 2020


What a sweet taste, master
My name is Yana. I’m your faithful slave.
From today on, make a contract with you; you drive the power of desire. All the women you conquered will be your faithful slaves.
Master, use this power to become the greatest master of slaves~

The mysterious woman of deadly temptation comes to you. With her company, start a fragrant adventure and find the truth behind the story.

【PinkPeach- the latest ARPG (action role play)! 】
New Metroidvania + RPG adventure game, unique adventure story full of lust.
Free distribution of character attribute points creates unique game characters belonging to you.
Legendary gear! Unique set, a large number of magical equipment to provide you with unlimited possibilities to equip build.
Three skill trees with different weapons make your characters grow stronger and stronger.

Gorgeous and fluent act combo system, give you the operating space to challenge the limit!


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