Budo Girl War – Maid


  • TITLE: 武道戰姬 – 女僕(武道戦姫 – メイド / Budo Girl War – Maid)
  • GENRE: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: 武道戰姬製作委員會
  • PUBLISHER: 武道戰姬製作委員會
  • FRANCHISE: Budo Girl War
  • RELEASE DATE: 29 Jul, 2019


Press “F” in the main interface of the game to open the patch;

Maid themed casual pinball adventure game;

Hit the magic ball to remove the invisible realm, save hidden in the dark world junior, with her to sign a contract!


1. Beautiful maid costume little sister, each character has a different maid costume, and some characters have their own actions;

2. Each little sister has different skills, such as su jiu’s wooden thorn, wen qi’s egg pinching, he qin’s shoe throwing, etc.

3. A maximum of 25 hd drawings can be collected for the indenture;

4.Budo Girl War – Maid is a game for Budo Girl Warl.

Game fighting interface, press “H” to increase the number of fat times; Do not recommend to use, find game rules, very good can customs clearance;


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