Neko Dungeon

Neko Dungeon


  • TITLE: Neko Dungeon | 喵酱迷城 | 喵醬迷城 | ねこダンジョン
  • GENRE: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
  • DEVELOPER: TK Studio
  • PUBLISHER: TK Studio
  • FRANCHISE: Kawaii
  • RELEASE DATE: 17 Aug, 2018


Thank you for your support and love for this little game!

This is a game similar to Roguelike, which focuses on strategy.We need to help the lovely heroine escape from a confused dungeon.

Neko Dungeon

In the dungeon we only need to simply control the mouse, let the heroine explore in the dungeon, improve her attack and defense, collect gold coins, beat the monster, avoid the trap, and so on.

The dungeon is filled with a lot of mysterious switches. When you open it, the walls in the dungeon will disappear, and sometimes new monsters, or mysterious things, money, etc.

The story of the game is a divergent form, and you won’t get a definite ending after completing the story mode.
You have to explore many times in the arcade mode, collect the diaries in the dungeon, and get some clues.

Neko Dungeon

There are three modes of game: story mode, appreciation mode, arcade mode.

When you finish the story mode, you will unlock arcade mode.

The maze of the arcade mode is random, and every time you explore is different, your score will also be uploaded to the Steam leaderboard!
Compare with your friends, whose score is higher!

The monster you beat in the game and your diary can be viewed in the appreciation mode.

Although it is a very small game, I hope you like it!

Neko Dungeon

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