Eraser Work (V1.21)

Eraser Work

Eraser Work Free Download

Eraser Work Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. Control the girl and repel the approaching orcs. The genre will be a third-person shooter. There are 3 types of stages + 4 types of operation confirmation stages, and each stage has no end such as clearing. Let’s enjoy the scenery of the stage and the shaking of the character’s chest while shooting the enemies who keep boiling. There are no stories, events, adult scenes, voices, etc. In Eraser Work operations other than mouse and keyboard are not considered.

Except for special bullets, you can use it infinitely, and the movement of enemies is very slow, so if you can learn the path of the stage and the character operation, it is unlikely that the game will be over.

  • Title: Eraser Work
  • Developer: InstantArrow
  • Publisher: InstantArrow
  • Release date: 20 Apr, 2021
  • Version: 1.21
  • Language: English (MTL)
  • Censored: No (Uncensored)
  • Store: DLsite
EraserWork [InstantArrow]
EraserWork [InstantArrow]
EraserWork [InstantArrow]
EraserWork [InstantArrow]
EraserWork [InstantArrow]

  • Change the trial version file.
  • Change the contents of the included text file.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress of some achievements was not saved.
  • Added costume “transparent clothes”.
  • Added the item “Achievements” to the pause menu and title screen.
  • Added the item “Costume” to the item “Equipment” in the pose menu.
  • Added action “avoidance”.
  • Added motion for the bonus room (the description is omitted because there are more than 50 types of added contents).
  • Added slide bars “Camera Z-axis” and “Playback speed” to the bonus room.
  • Added the item “■ Explanation of in-game functions” to “About this game.txt” (added a description about the functions of the bonus room in ver1.2).
  • Added recoil when firing (applies only to deployed cannons and hand cannons).
  • Removed fog on some stages (because sheer clothes are not displayed well).
  • Changed the way the chest sways when holding the weapon and firing.
  • Changed the sound effect when firing a cannon and when firing a hand cannon.
  • Changed the maximum values ​​of “Camera angle” and “Camera Y-axis” in the bonus room.
  • Changed the UI layout of the bonus room.
  • Changed the UI layout of the title screen.
  • Some texts have been changed.
  • Change ambient light on some stages.
  • Changed to display naked and underwear models in their original form even when the character is wearing clothes.
  • Partially changed the disclaimer of “About this game.txt”.
  • Added the weapon “Rei Sword”. (Click to attack. Up to 3 consecutive hits)
  • Added the item “Rei Sword” to “Strengthen”.
  • Added the item “Equipment” to the pause menu.
  • Added the item “Camera distance” to “Settings”.
  • Added the item “Priority undressing” to “Settings”.
  • Add fog on some stages
  • Changed to take off pants.
  • Changed to cause additional attacks when the enhancement value of “Cannon-Normal Bullet” of “Enhancement” is the maximum.
  • Changed the “Settings” item “Difficulty” so that it can be changed from other than the title screen. (The change will be applied at the start of the wave)
  • Fixed an issue where the reticle was not displayed when holding the cannon.
  • Fixed the problem that when multiple enemies collapsed at the same time, the collapsed sound effects are played in duplicate.
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