Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress

Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress


  • Release Date: 2019-06-30
  • Developer: BouSoft
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Version: 4.2.3 + DLC
  • Language: English, Japanese
  • Voices: Japanese


The hero is capable of doing everything and going everywhere.

A genuine RPG to explore around the world with a dark magician girl Kokori!
You are the hero in the story, obligated to beat the demon lord!

Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress [BouSoft]

– Healthy Contents
You can enjoy various things to do in this game, for example:
– to collect ingredients and cook them
– to produce (Alchemy), buy and sell weapons and medicines
– to take combats with monsters.

Over 1,000 types of food, cuisines, materials, weapons, minerals, clothes and H tools.
In this fantasy life, you don’t have to hurry to defeat the demon lord. It’s up to you.
* “Alchemy” system is locked in the beginning.
* Cooking recipes will be added as the story progresses.

– Unhealthy Contents
Detailed dress-up system for girls is loaded as more than 30 parts
(clothes, lingerie, accessory and so forth) can be changed with plenty of choices.
On certain conditions, girls’ height, bust size and hair length may be altered.
In hot locations, girls get suntanned. Hair style, hair color, eye color, nail color etc.
will be changeable. Also, girls’ attitudes to you change depending on how you
behave on a daily basis. This affects their behaviors and H events as well.

Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress [BouSoft]

H scenes take place based on touching game, come with H tools, drugs, alcohol etc.
* Not all the H scenes are unlocked by default.
* Although multiple girls appear in this game, only Kokori has H scenes when without DLCs.
* H scenes with other girls can be added by applying DLCs.

Fairy Picturebook of Hero and Sorceress [BouSoft]

– About The Current Version
Only the first half of the world can be played.
The contents of the latter half of the world are to be added on updates.
Also, various items, clothes, H tools, voices etc. are to be added.


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