GSpot Master

GSpot Master

GSpot Master Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.


  • TITLE: GSpot Master
  • GENRE: Adventure, Casual
  • DEVELOPER: Peach Beach
  • PUBLISHER: Raging Usagi Corporation
  • RELEASE DATE: 23 Oct, 2019


GSpot Master Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent.

I will revenge for my dad!…

In a cool breezing morning, a strong, lean muscle young man, stand in front of the Yunu Clan ’s main gate. Although there is no one, he can tell there were many people just practiced and trained kung-Fu. All the training facilities are well prepared and fresh footprints on the training ground. The young man snuck fast through the hall and then broke right into a big bedroom. Suddenly, he sees a pretty blue clothes swords-lady in front of him…

GSpot Master

Game Features

G-Spot Mastery, the Kung Fu of manipulating acupuncture point, is a casual relaxing game with a Hidden Dragon Crunching Tiger style storyline, take your time and enjoy this Wu-Xia style world.

Interesting new casual game mechanics combines with AVG story telling, which gives players a whole new gaming experience.

Once you beat the level challenges, the game allows you to go back, relax, and re-watch the story scenes any time with its Memory Mode. No worry about missing any happy memory.

GSpot Master

The Game is all about fun and challenge. There are total 90 levels, can you beat them all and win the heart of the beauty?

Game Rules

Game objective: Launch a finger onto the spinning target, without overlap or touch previous fingers. Once all the fingers are on the spinning target, you will win this level!

GSpot Master

Finger Launch: Left Mouse Click

Bonus HP:every time you beat a level, you will collect a heart-shape HP, this will help you to beat future challenging levels with more HP. Notice: Even if you touch other fingers and lose HP, you will have less required fingers to beat that level.

Tip: repeat playing and beating previous levels can also earn HPs for you!


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