Honey Select 2 DX BetterRepack [R15] [Illusion]

Honey Select 2 DX

Honey Select 2 DX BetterRepack R15 Free Download

Honey Select 2 DX BetterRepack Free Download with Direct Links, Google Drive, MEGA, Torrent. Honey Select 2 Libido DX is a revolutionary “3D Customizable Intimacy Simulator,” as it describes itself. As you step into the captivating world of Honey Select you’re warmly welcomed by the Concierge, a charming woman named Fur. Fur graciously guides you through an informative tutorial, teaching you the art of selecting desirable companions, initiating intimate encounters, and navigating the various settings.

Moreover, Fur offers her assistance in finding new companions through random character generation, managing your achievements, and acquiring unlockable locations, positions, and abilities. Additionally, you have the freedom to personalize Fur’s appearance and even explore the option of engaging in intimate moments with her. Exceptional customer service is guaranteed throughout your experience.

Each character has a different personality?

Step up, digital store readers, and browse our wide selection of character personalities! You are there! Want your partner to be a glamorous businesswoman, wearing tight business attire? We do understand! And you there, feeling the need for this kind of happy sport? Why, we get that too! Whether you’re looking for an outgoing tomboy or a meek bookworm, a doting caretaker or a leather-clad ruler, we’ve got you covered! And of course, each personality has its own expressions, dialogue, and quirks.

But customization doesn’t stop with what’s inside! We also have a vibrant selection of outfits, hairstyles, accessories and other personalization options. With just a snap of your fingers, you can call the sex partner of your dreams! Go ahead and create—the sky is the limit!

Situation in the game

We all know atmosphere is very important to have a really good sexual experience. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why Honey Select 2 has something for everyone. Flowers, candlelight, maybe a little slow jazz? Oooo yeah, we have romance. Or do you prefer something…a little darker? Listen, I’m not judging, but I’ll leave the key to the sex dungeon on the table. The safe word is “banana.” Or, hmm…maybe you’re roleplaying? Hey, we all have fantasies. Wardrobe of that go. Leave the goblin ears on the table on the way out.

But what about those of you with an artistic eye and a desire to unleash your creative beast? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with full camera customization! Pick a map and your favorite sex spot, set up the lighting with lots of controls, then hit the ham and sausage with the freeform camera. Honey Select 2 is here to help you get that perfect shot.

And for those who don’t care about all that, don’t worry! We have a large number of satisfying default options to choose from. Simple and intuitive controls allow you to easily spin around to shoot coins without diving into more complicated control menus. We are as easy or as hard as you want us to be!


Intuition. That’s what brings you down this low-traffic street to this massive, unremarkable building. A feeling that this is somehow your destiny—and a decision you will never regret. When you pushed open the gilded door, you were startled to find someone standing right inside to greet you, as if she had been waiting for you for a long time. This gorgeous woman with mysterious twinkling eyes introduces herself as Fur, your humble guide to this humble establishment.

Welcome to Honey Select <3

A private establishment serving only the most demanding customers. A place where anyone can find anyone, and dreams can come true. The patrons here all have one thing in common: they’re looking for a partner, and that partner could be you.

There are all kinds here. Some come here to find a life partner, someone to care for, to share joys and sorrows with. Some, well, they are looking to exploit their primordial, carnal nature and forget everything in the frenzy of passion. Some are con artists, whose joy is found in wrapping people around their fingers and being able—just maybe—give them what they want.

Anything is allowed here. Everything is possible. Because of this? This is the palace of lust and you are its newest customer.

Vs. Ai Shoujo

Unlike AI Shojou, you don’t move in real time. Instead, you can select the “meet” option, choose the girls you want to meet and where you want to meet them, or go through the corridors and choose the room the girl is in and interact with them. In addition to sex, you can talk to a girl (which can lead to sex), help her out of a situation (which can lead to sex), find her in the shower (which can lead to sex), pee (which can lead to sex) or sleep (you get it on now, don’t you?).

If there are two girls in the room, you can even start a threesome. How you interact with them can affect their relationship with you and how they seek you out for sex themselves.

  • Name: ハニーセレクト2 DX / Honey Select 2 DX
  • Developer: Illusion
  • Release Date: Oct 30, 2020
  • BetterRepack by: ScrewThisNoise (Patreon)
  • Better Repack publisher (co-released): Otomi Games
  • Better Repack version: R15 (11 Mar, 2024)

Honey Select 2 DX is an paid expansion DLC that includes:

  • 4 new voices
  • A new gameplay “Deluxe Plan”, wich opens a VIP Lobby managed by Sitri from Honey Select 1!
  • 6 new events in the VIP Lobby
  • 6 new maps
  • 18 new positions
  • And dozens of clothes and acessories
  • Added Freelancer604’s Community Pose Pack 01
  • Added Freelancer604’s Floor Model Poses Pack
  • Added Freelancer604’s Seated Pinup Poses
  • Added Freelancer604’s Standing Cute Poses
  • Added Freelancer604’s Standing Cute Poses 2
  • Added Freelancer604’s Standing Emotive Poses
  • Added Freelancer604’s Standing Poses
  • Added Freelancer604’s Standing TA Poses
  • Added essu’s HS2_CopyChaBodyMat v1.0
  • Added Mikke’s SilhouettePlugin v1.0 (*)
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_EarWiggle v1.0.1
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_EyeLookAdjuster v1.0
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_FKHeightAdjustUI v1.0.2
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_MakerSortIconReplacer v1.0
  • Updated BepInEx to v5.4.18
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R16.9.2
  • Updated IllusionFixes to 19.1
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v5.0.0
  • Updated Animal42069’s HS2_BetterPenetration to v4.5.1
  • Updated Countd360’s MMDD To v2.3.1 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_FKIK to v1.1.3
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MakerDefaults to v1.1
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.13
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U v21.3.3 (**)
  • Updated Hooh’s Animation Pairing to v1.2.0
  • Updated Hooh’s HS2_Hooah to v2.2.0
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v34.1 (*)
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.1.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.0.7
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_StudioExtraMoveAxis to v2.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.31.1
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v2.6.1
  • Updated Mikke’s HS2_MapController to v1.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s AdvIKPlugin to v1.7.0
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_AdditionalAccessoryControls to v1.2.5
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_ChainLighting to v1.0.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_CharacterRandomizer to v1.1.7
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_OutfitPainter to v1.0.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2Graphics to v0.5.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s MoarCamz to v1.0.8
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v6.2
  • Readded BonesFramework
  • Added Calscks’s HS2_MultiAngleRotation v1.0.2 (*)
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_ChainLighting v1.0
  • Added OrangeSpork’s MoarCamz v1.0.6
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R16.9.1
  • Updated DragAndDrop to v1.2.6
  • Updated HideAllUI to v2.3.2
  • Updated IllusionFixes to 18.1
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.20.0
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_MakerSearch to v1.5.1
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_StudioAccessoryNames to v1.1.1
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_StudioMiscSearch to v1.2.0
  • Updated Dainty’s Deformers to v0.6… again
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.10
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.5
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v21.3.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_BrowserFolders to v2.6.2
  • Updated Marco’s QuickAccessBox to
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.0.5
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.1.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2ABMX to v4.4.5
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.28.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_CharacterRandomizer to v1.1.6
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2Graphics to v0.4.6
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_AdditionalAccessoryControls to v1.2.0
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v5.2
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v2.4.0 (*)
  • Applied updates to XUnity AutoTranslator config for better compatibility
  • Added ModBoneImplantor v1.1.1
  • Added 2155X’s HS2_MakerRandomPicker v1.2.0
  • Added countd360’s HS2StudioCharaEditor v1.0
  • Added DeathWeasel’s HS2_AnimationController v2.3
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_CharacterRandomizer v1.1.3
  • Added OrangeSpork’s HS2_OutfitPainter v1.0
  • Added VeryFancyPants’s Timeline v0.1.2a (*)
  • Updated Yue + Duck Preset Pose Pack to v12 – D33P
  • Updated BepInEx to v5.4.17
  • Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v16.4
  • Updated CharacterReplacer to v1.6.3
  • Updated DragAndDrop to v1.2.5
  • Updated HideAllUI to v2.3.1
  • Updated HS2_BepisPlugins to R16.8.1
  • Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v18.0.1
  • updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.2.0
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v4.20.0
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_HLightControl to v1.2.4
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_MakerSearch to v1.5.0
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_StudioAccessoryNames to v1.1.0
  • Updated Animal42069’s HS2_BetterPenetration to v4.4.0
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD to v2.2.1 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_Autosave to v1.1.1
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_DynamicBoneEditor to v1.0.4
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_FKIK to v1.1.2
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.9
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_StudioCustomMasking to v1.1.1
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_StudioImageEmbed to v1.0.2
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_Subtitles to v2.3.1
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.4
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v21.2
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v31
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_BrowserFolders to v2.6
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_ClothColliders to v1.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.0.4
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_QuickAccessBox to v2.4.3
  • Updated Marco’s HS2ABMX to v4.4.4
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.26
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v0.18.0 (**)
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v2.5
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s AdvIKPlugin to v1.6.4
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_ChicksDigMapModdersPlugin to v1.0.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2_StudioCharMonitor to v1.0.1
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2Graphics Sidefork to v0.4.4
  • Updated OrangeSpork’s HS2VR to v0.9.0 (*)
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v4.15
  • Made Marco’s BetterAA Disabled by default
  • Changed naming scheme in the optional mods folders to fall in line with my other packs
  • Base release game
  • All preorder extras
  • Newest official update as of 30.10
  • Premium Miko DLC
  • Premium Succubus DLC2
  • Premium Sister DLC
  • Premium Bondage DLC
  • DX Expansion
  • Added ripped Steam Translations
  • Added CttCJim’s HS2CharEdit v0.2.1.0 (**)
  • Added Deathweasel’s HS2_StudioWindowResize v1.1
  • Added Keelhauled’s KeelPlugins Build 270
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R18.2
  • Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v20.0
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v5.1.0
  • Updated Animal42069’s HS2_BetterPenetration to v5.0.0.4
  • Updated countd360’s HS2StudioCharaEditor v1.1.1
  • Updated Countd360’s MMDD To v2.4 (*)
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v22.1.1 (**)
  • Updated HSPlugins to v2.2
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.32
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v0.19.0 (**)
  • Updated Mikke’s MoveController to v1.7.4(*)
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v7.4
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v37 (*)
  • Removed Joan6694’s HS2PE (Superceeded by HSPlugins)
  • Removed Joan6694’s HS2US (Superceeded by HSPlugins)
  • Removed Joan6694’s NodesConstraints (Superceeded by HSPlugins)
  • Removed Joan6694’s VideoExport (Superceeded by HSPlugins)
  • Removed VeryFancyPants’s Timeline (Superceeded by HSPlugins)
  • Added Chinese CN Steam Translations
  • Added Chinese TW Steam Translations
  • Added Steam Card download settings
  • Added Animal42069’s Heelz 1.15.3
  • Added HumpieBunnie’s HS2 BDSM poses for Studio (***)
  • Added HumpieBunnie’s HS2 Strip club floor poses for Studio (pack 1) (***)
  • Added Vible’s Vible Pose Pack 1.2 (***)
  • Updated English Steam Translations
  • Updated BepInEx to v5.4.21
  • Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v17.1
  • Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v20.1
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.3.0
  • Updated Animal42069’s HS2_BetterPenetration to v5.0.1
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_GameWhoIsThere to v1.0.1.4
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_GeboCommon to v1.2.0.1
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_StudioMultiselectChara to v1.0.0.3
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_StudioSceneInitialCamera to v0.7.0.1
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_StudioSceneNavigation to v1.0.3.0
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_TranslationCacheCleaner to v0.6.0.3
  • Updated GeBo’s HS2_TranslationHelper to v1.1.1.0
  • Updated countd360’s HS2StudioCharaEditor to v2.0.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_HeightBar to v3.4
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.33
  • Updated Marco’s OrthographicCamera to v1.1.2 (*)
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v2.7
  • Updated Mikke’s Character loader plugin to v1.4.2 (*)
  • Updated Mikke’s MoveController to v1.8 (*)
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v2.10.0
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v7.6
  • Removed Hooh’s Heelz v1.14.3 (Superceeded)
  • Updated Chinese Steam translation
  • Updated English Steam translation
  • Updated Portuguese translation to v5.1
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R19.0.2
  • Updated HSPlugins to v2.3
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_HLightControl to v1.2.5
  • Updated 2155X’s HS2_UnlockPlayerHClothes to v1.4.4
  • Updated Animal42069’s Heelz to 1.15.4
  • Updated countd360’s HS2StudioCharaEditor v2.0.1
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD v2.5.1 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.19
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_StudioWindowResize to v1.1.1
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v22.3.4 (**)
  • Updated HijackHornet’s HS2_UIScalerAndWidescreenSupport to v1.0.2 (*)
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v39 (*)
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.1
  • Updated Mikke’s Straight 2 Maker to v1.1 (*)
  • Updated Prolo’s Character Morpher to v0.2.2 (*)
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v3.0.5
  • Updated thojmr’s HS2_PregnancyPlus to v7.8
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v5.2.0
  • Added CertainLSP’s ToggleFKIK v1.0.0
  • Added Mlocke’s VR Fluid Fix v1.0 (*)
  • Added SakaraCheggit’s HS2_Measurements v1.2.0
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R19.1
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.3.2
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD v2.6.1 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_DynamicBoneEditor to v1.0.5
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.21
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.6
  • Updated HSPlugins to R2.4.1.1
  • Updated IllusionFixes to v20.2
  • Updated Keelhauled’s KeelPlugins to Build 271
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v42.0 (*)
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v0.21.4 (**)
  • Updated Marco’s HS2ABMX to v5.0.5
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.35
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.2.1.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.1.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_RemoveToRecycleBin to v1.2
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_QuickAccessBox to v2.4.5
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v4.2
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v3.4 (*)
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v22.4.2 (**)
  • Updated Prolo’s Character Morpher to v0.2.4 (*)
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.4.0
  • Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v18.0
  • Updated HSPlugins to R2.4.2
  • Updated countd360’s HS2StudioCharaEditor v2.1.0
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD v2.7 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.22
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.7
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v23.0.3 (**)
  • Updated Keelhauled’s KeelPlugins to Build 273
  • Updated Keitaro’s VNGE to v42.5 (*)
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v0.22.0.1 (**)
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.1.2
  • Updated Prolo’s Character Morpher to v1.0 (*)
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v3.9.0 (*)
  • Added BepInEx.SplashScreen v1.0
  • Updated BepInEx to v5.4.22
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R19.3
  • Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v18.0.1
  • Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v21.2.1
  • Updated HSPlugins to R2.5.1
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD v2.8.1 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.1.24
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v23.1.7 (**)
  • Updated Marco’s HS2ABMX to v5.0.6
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.36
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_QuickAccessBox to v3.0.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.3.0.0
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v5.1
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v0.23.0 (**)
  • Updated Mikke’s MoveController to v1.9 (*)
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v3.15.0 (*)
  • Updated Prolo’s Character Morpher to v1.1 (*)
  • Updated XUnity.AutoTranslator to v5.3.0
  • Added Prolo’s FashionLine v0.3.3 (*)
  • Added DeathWeasel’s HS2_AccessoriesToStudioItems v1.0.1
  • Added DeathWeasel’s HS2_TimelineFlowControl v1.0.0.0
  • Added krypto’s HS2_StudioNodeTweaks v2.0 (*)
  • Updated BepisPlugins to R19.5
  • Updated BepInEx.ConfigurationManager to v18.2.1
  • Updated BepInEx.EnableResize to v3.0
  • Updated BepInEx.SplashScreen to v2.2
  • Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v21.4.1
  • Updated IllusionLaunchers to v3.4.2
  • Updated HSPlugins to R2.9
  • Updated countd360’s MMDD v2.9.3 (*)
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_MaterialEditor to v3.4.3
  • Updated Deathweasel’s HS2_PoseTools to v1.1.2
  • Updated DeathWeasel’s HS2_UncensorSelector to v3.11.8
  • Updated enimaroah’s SB3U to v23.1.7 (**)
  • Updated Keelhauled’s GraphicsSettings to v1.3.1
  • Updated Keelhauled’s KeelPlugins build to 274
  • Updated Marco’s HS2ABMX to v5.1.0
  • Updated Marco’s HS2API to v1.38
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_BrowserFolders to v3.2.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_OverlayMods to v6.1.3
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_QuickAccessBox to v3.1.1.1
  • Updated Marco’s HS2_CheatTools to v3.3.1.0
  • Updated Marco’s RuntimeUnityEditor to v5.3
  • Updated Marco’s KKManager to v1.1.0 (**)
  • Updated Mikke’s MoveController to v1.9 (*)
  • Updated Sauceke’s LoveMachine to v3.17 (*)
  • Updated Prolo’s Character Morpher to v1.1 (*)

Official Release by Otomi Games

Premium links only available for Premium Member!

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: WINDOWS® 8.1 / 10 (64-bit required)
Processor: Intel Core i3 4000 serise or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 700 Series or AMD Radeon™ R-2000 Series (VRAM 2GB) or better
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectSound (DirectX® 9.0c)
Additional Notes: The additional expansions (DLC) available in Japan are incompatible.
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: WINDOWS® 8.1 / 10 (64-bit required)
Processor: Intel Core i5 4000 serise or better
Memory: 8 MB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 700 Series or AMD Radeon™ R-2000 Series (VRAM 4GB) or better
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: サウンドカード: DirectSound (DirectX® 9.0c)
Additional Notes: The additional expansions (DLC) available in Japan are incompatible.
RAR Password: otomi-games.com
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