Journey to the West: Wukong’s Lewd Prelude


  • Brand: Dystopia Story
  • Release: Dec/26/2019
  • Language: English


A “Journey to the West” parody action RPG!
The story is about female Wukong, and her experiences leading up
to meeting with Sanzang and the journey to Tianzhu (India).

Contains over 150 pixel sprite H animations!
– 11 for each main character (can breed with 7 types of monsters)
– 4 for each female monsters (can breed with 3 types of monsters)
– 7 for monsters x 2 positions each
– Other events, etc.

5 CGs included as well!

Journey to the West: Wukong's Lewd Prelude [Dystopia Story]


– A traditional action RPG: defeat enemies, level up, and gain new attack patterns.

Journey to the West: Wukong's Lewd Prelude [Dystopia Story]

– Character clothing can be destroyed!
As you receive damage or block enemy attacks, your clothes will start to rip.
Your clothing has HP too: When it reaches 0, your defense changes to 0.

– Seduce males and have a breeding battle
If you hold the down key during the story, your character will go into heat.
When you enter heat with an enemy nearby, you’ll start a breeding battle.
During the battle, both Wukong and the enemy will receive damage.
If their HP reaches 0 first, you capture the enemy!

– Breed with captured male enemies
You can use a seedbed to breed the enemy monster with your own team.
You can use this to power up your equipped weapons and items.


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5 thoughts on “Journey to the West: Wukong’s Lewd Prelude

    1. Delete the Saiyuki “(Patch & Launch)” then drag the “Saiyuki.exe” to the “IPA.exe” It should say + Open With IPA and thats it all fixed or just reinstall from the setup that should fix it aswell

      1. Just tried that, doesn’t work still. Game launches, loads for a sec, then music starts playing, but it’s just a black screen.

    2. I installed in the default(x:/program files/) location and had the same issue. Reinstalled to root of hard drive and it worked.

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