Meadow Fun!!


  • Title: Meadow Fun!!
  • Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
  • Developer: Antonio Latronico
  • Publisher: Antonio Latronico
  • Release Date: 8 Jan, 2019


Meadow Fun!! is a game mainly for kids (from 3 to 10). It tells the story of the Meadow Fairies, which give a gifted kid the power to talk to animals and gather, with his magic net, lost and stray animals like frogs, squirrels, bunnies, butterflies, dragonflies, and saving creatures from danger, along 20 colorful and relaxing levels, 4 different game modes and 4 bonus levels. 
This game is ideal on Easy mode even for small kids (from 3-4 years +), who will enjoy the soft style, the accurately designed level of difficulty (never frustrating or stressful), the fuzzy colors and the super easy controls. Hard mode, instead, makes Meadow Fun!! a time-based, fast pace game, where players will need fast reflexes and super accurate movements to finish every level. All set in a dreamy environment, with a calm and charming original sound track. In story mode, players can count on Meadow Magic, which will make players go faster, freeze time, gather animals easier or fly up to avoid falling into water.

Gamepad, keyboard and mouse supported. Steam controller also supported (directly in game, not in the Steam Link menu). 
Only for Windows.



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