NPC Violation ~Have Your Way Within This Game~


  • Release Date: Japanese 2019-04-12, English 2019-07-12
  • Developer: MAZE
  • Translation: Emerald_Gladiator
  • Censored: Yes/Mosaics
  • Version: Final
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English


The protagonist customizes a certain game,
and enjoys doing whatever erotic things he wants to the NPCs inside!

Entrance usher
Guild receptionist
Female knight
Princess of the castle
2 female friends
Shop owner
Suspicious thief

Enjoy conversation with these non-player characters,
as well as erotic events!
In addition, there are multiple NTR themed events.

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV

Battle and an ending are not provided, with the focus being primarily on
investigating around the town.

20 base CG


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