Onigotchi [Final] [BadColor]


Onigotchi Free Download

This game contains strong sexual and interspecies content. All characters depicted are 18+ of age.

Control a cute and hot ‘Oni’ in a simple Tamagotchi – style/esque game. Train to become stronger to defeat monsters. Mix and match charms with special effects obtained by losing and being bred by monsters.

  • Title: Onigotchi
  • Developer: BadColor
  • Publisher: BadColor
  • Release date: 16 Dec, 2023
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English (Oficial)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Store: Itch.io
Onigotchi [Final] [BadColor]
Onigotchi [Final] [BadColor]
RAR Password: otomi-games.com
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