Paizuri Fantasies Kinetic Novel


  • Release Date: 2020-04-18
  • Developer/Publisher: Dharker Studio
  • Censorship: No
  • Version: 1.15
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: English


Paizuri Fantasies is a series of adult comic ‘kinetic’ visual novel stories… In Paizuri Hotel; Joshua has inherited the Pai Hotel and satisfy the ‘needs’ of the female residents. In Yuuki’s Fantasies; Yuuki gets to explore her own sexual fantasies… Also includes bonus issue: Paizuri Fantasies.

Paizuri Fantasies is a series of adult comic ‘kinetic’ visual novel stories.

Stories Included

Paizuri Hotel Issues 1-10
Joshua has been wandering through life, trying to get by and failing. Until now that is, Joshua has inherited the Pai Hotel and must run the hotel and manage the various female residents and all of their many “needs”. This may well be the lucky break he has been waiting for. But is the hotel everything it seems to be? Will he uncover the secrets of the hotel, or simply learn to live with them.

Yuuki’s Fantasies Issues 1-5
Yuuki has always had an array of sexual fantasies, in these comics she is finally able to explore all of her pervertions without judgement from her partner. These stories show Yuuki as she simply explores her own sexuality and fantasies.

Paizuri Fantasies
This is a bonus story that features Yuuki (from Yuuki’s Fantasies) and Chi Chi (from Paizuri Hotel) in a prequel story where the two meet while out in town, what happens when they quite literally bump into each other is anyones guess, but it could lead them to a lingerie store and having some private fun together.


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