Serpentasia [V1.10] [Quiet Northern Lands]


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In this RPG, you control Rail, the commander of the Empire’s Knights, and cooperate with the supporting witch Mizeri to complete the journey of battle. The goal is to defeat the warriors of the Holy Kingdom located in various places and ultimately head to the Pontifex Milena in the holy capital.

The commander of the Imperial Knights of the Lazard Empire, Rail, completes his mission and heads to report to Emperor Leize. There, Milena, the Pontifex of the Holy Kingdom of Valdione and his childhood friend, appears. The two decide to determine “which country is stronger” by having representatives from each country fight. Chosen as the representative of the Empire, Rail sets out on a journey to fight alongside another representative, Mizeri. Encounters with strong, beautiful women will help him grow as a man. Moreover, can they overcome the enigmatic enemies known as mutants…?

  • Title: Serpentasia
  • Developer: Quiet Northern Lands
  • Publisher: Quiet Northern Lands
  • Release date: 27 Feb, 2021
  • Version: 1.10_MOD1
  • Language: English (AI MTL)
  • Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
  • Store: DLsite
Serpentasia [V1.10] [Quiet Northern Lands]
Serpentasia [V1.10] [Quiet Northern Lands]
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