Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy


  • TITLE: Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy
  • GENRE: Casual, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Little Black Book Entertainment
  • PUBLISHER: Little Black Book Entertainment
  • RELEASE DATE: 22 Aug, 2020


After a disastrous encounter with the Imperial Fleet, you and your hapless crew manage to trundle into Cicero Lunar Station, in the rogue Tucana Quadrant. With your ship in tatters, your crew seriously judging your ability to lead and your bank account as flat as a pancake, you need to think of something really good to get you and your lot out of the station before the next Imperial Inspection.

“Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy” is a Heist Comedy Space Opera Visual Novel where you play as Captain Leo Mancini, a tenacious and charming Space Pirate always looking for the next big heist.

– A thrilling and comedic heist plot
– Beautiful Anime style art
– Charming and witty characters
– Groovy electronic and synthpop soundtrack


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