The World A Robot Girl Dreams Of

The World A Robot Girl Dreams Of


  • Release Date: Japanese 2017-06-01 , English 2019-09-01
  • Developer: P.D. Creations
  • Translation: =Together=
  • Censored: Yes/Mosaics
  • Version: 3.2
  • OS: Windows
  • Language: Japanese, English Translation


P.D.creations brings you a diligently made SF Battle F*ck RPG!!
100000+ character long scenario with all battles animated in an
original battle system built from scratch!

The World A Robot Girl Dream Of [P.D.creations]

An SF Battle F*ck RPG about the struggle of the last boy
on earth, named Yule and a girl with a machinated body.
Can he open a path to the future with his xxx…?
Or will he be defeated and treated as livestock for cum-milking…
A tale revolving around the “Y Gonosome” begins now…!

Whoever cums first… loses!!
All attacks are… SEX! Remove the enemy’s clothes,
Target their weak points and make them CUM!
…before they do the same thing to you…

[Battle / Erotic Scenes are ALL ANIMATED!]
100+ base pose art! Entirely animated makes
for an astounding 10000+ visual variations!!!

[All Enemy Characters Prompt Defeat Scenes]
50+ enemy characters and they all have erotic
scenes for you to enjoy upon being defeated!

[Battle System]
With a authentically built game system, the battles in
this RPG will give you a thoroughly enjoyable challenge!

The World A Robot Girl Dream Of [P.D.creations]

[The scenario is over 100000 characters long!]

[An Original Battle System / Ejaculation Gauge / Lewd Mode]
– Ejaculation countdown! Ejaculation Gauge.
When you receive attacks from the enemy the gauge
decreases and once it hits zero then you know what!
– Lewd Mode with Sexual Fetishism Parameters!
– Violation without a means of retaliation…
Upon restraint… for a short time you are totally vulnerable!
– The enemies talk when they perform erotic attacks!
– “Surrender” and “Submit”… anytime you please….
+ plenty of status effects to push you into a corner…!

[40+ Finely Tuned BGM]

[Reminiscence Room Implemented!]

[Plenty of options to choose from]
– Difficulty modes (very easy, easy, normal)
– Message skip, auto message features
– Message speed, window obscuring features
– Turn ON / OFF defeat scenes
– Turn ON / OFF the animation (for low system specs)

The World A Robot Girl Dream Of [P.D.creations]

* Approximately 10~25 hours playtime
(Depends on the difficulty and your play style)


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