Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog’s Tail!~

Wanko of Marriage

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  • TITLE: Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog’s Tail!~
  • GENRE: Adventure
  • DEVELOPER: alumi-soft
  • RELEASE DATE: 20 Oct, 2020


“Wanko of Marriage” is an adventure game about two humanoid black shiba inu girls who are vying to become your bride.
It features deep love-making scenarios with cute heroines, all displayed with gorgeous event CG.
There are also some comedic SD events to create a fun and interesting atmosphere.

Wanko of Marriage

Toya Inuzuka is the successor to the family shrine.
However, he dreams of becoming a pâtissier, and opening his own shop.
“As promised long ago, I have come to marry you”
Complicating things further are these two fluffy-eared and bushy-tailed messengers of god, Koharu and Azuki.
It is their dream to marry Toya…
The three of them will have to work together to fulfill their dreams!

Wanko of Marriage


R18 Version

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All Ages Version

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RAR Password: otomi-games.com
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