The Call Of Paper Plane

The Call Of Paper Plane

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  • TITLE: The Call Of Paper Plane
  • GENRE: Adventure, Casual, Indie
  • DEVELOPER: Shanhai Game Studio
  • PUBLISHER: Shanhai Game Studio
  • RELEASE DATE: 12 Jan, 2021


Starting from the city, living in the dream of a paper plane, yearning for an unexplored trip, the front is winding and verdant.

Avoid obstacles on the road, enjoy the scenery along the way, and listen to the ensemble of birds and flowers to one stop after another.

The Call Of Paper Plane


“The Call of Paper Planes” is a casual game with adventure elements. We hope this game can give players a travel-like experience. You can see all kinds of colorful landscapes during the game, and you also need to pay attention to avoid the various natural creatures in the scene that are curious about paper airplanes. You can also try to collect all the paper in the scenes to unlock the easter eggs.

Book SeaSide

The full verson is coming soon, and the last part of the trip to the seaside has been completed. It will be launched after Christmas!

The Call Of Paper Plane


The game scenes are in pencil drawing style. Each scene is a page of pictures in the picture album. The towns, forests, and seasides along the way are unique pictures. As the travel progress progresses backward, players can experience more regional scenery.

How to play

The player uses the W key and S key of the keyboard to adjust the flying direction and speed of the paper airplane. When the paper airplane flies upward, the flying speed will slow down, and when the flying angle is downward, the flying speed of the paper airplane will become faster.

The Call Of Paper Plane

Collect paper balls and rewards

There are many luminous paper balls floating in the game scene. Obtaining these paper balls can unlock interactive items.

Various sound effects

When the player approaches, the interactable objects and human voice can be heard, which increases the immersive experience.
If you have any questions and feedback about our game, please contact us in the following ways!


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