Lady in Mystery

Lady in Mystery


  • Title: Lady in Mystery
  • Original title: 탐정뎐
  • Aliases: Detective Tales
  • Length: Medium (10 – 30 hours)
  • Developer: nolsoft
  • Publishers: nolsoft
  • Release date: Korean 2012-01-12 , English 2021-05-15
  • Language: English (Official)
  • No Sexual Content!


‘Lady in Mystery’ is a mystery & Yuri visual novel.

Since its release in 2014, Korean fans have been infatuated with its beautiful description of medieval Korea and its wide range of attractive female characters.

Lady in Mystery

-23 Case Episodes.
-4 Heroines and their different storylines with different episodes.
-30 different endings including 5 main endings led by your choice.
-Beautiful visual effects that bring you right in the middle of medieval Korea.
-30-40 hours of reading time


Seoul, Korea, AC 1786.
‘Heesoo,’ who used to be an ordinary girl, is living in this city as a detective, hiding her identity and even her gender.

Lady in Mystery

5 years ago, she lost her family under false accusations and ran away, disguising herself as a man. She and her servant have been pretending to be noblemen, hiding their true identities.

But her life is about to be thrown into chaos because of this noble girl ‘Juhee,’ who just showed up in front of her out of nowhere…

Enjoy various mystery cases that reflect the phases of 18th century Korea, romantic affairs with charming characters, and absorbing stories that you create by making choices.

Lady in Mystery

You can have a happy ending or a dark ending.
Love or Revenge. Which one will you choose?


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